Catering equipment

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Fryers small and compact, but retaining All Their utility and potential. Available with single, double or total bowl for pastry, with or without drain tap. Large Capacity Choice From 4 liters to 20 liters. Useful equipment All those activities intent to propose fried foods in small to medium amount, maintaining low Management cost and encumbrance.

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62 products found

 SF20DM table-top gs fryer

Code: SFM20DM

Brand: Fimar

€ 4.639,80 (IVA excluded)

€ 5.660,56 (IVA 22% included)

 SF20M table-top gs fryer

Code: SFM20M

Brand: Fimar

€ 2.653,20 (IVA excluded)

€ 3.236,90 (IVA 22% included)

 SF10DM table-top gs fryer

Code: SF10DM

Brand: Fimar

€ 2.989,80 (IVA excluded)

€ 3.647,56 (IVA 22% included)

 SF10M table-top gs fryer

Code: SF10M

Brand: Fimar

€ 1.636,80 (IVA excluded)

€ 1.996,90 (IVA 22% included)

 SF25P table-top electric fryer

Code: SF25P

Brand: Fimar

€ 1.056,00 (IVA excluded)

€ 1.288,32 (IVA 22% included)

 SFM18D electric fryer on neutral element

Code: SFM18D

Brand: Fimar

€ 4.422,00 (IVA excluded)

€ 5.394,84 (IVA 22% included)

 SFM18 electric fryer on neutral element

Code: SFM18

Brand: Fimar

€ 2.673,00 (IVA excluded)

€ 3.261,06 (IVA 22% included)

 FR1010R table-top electric fryer with faucet

Code: FR1010R

Brand: Fimar

€ 699,60 (IVA excluded)

€ 853,51 (IVA 22% included)

 FR10R table-top electric fryer with faucet

Code: FR10R

Brand: Fimar

€ 422,40 (IVA excluded)

€ 515,33 (IVA 22% included)

 FR88R table-top electric fryer with faucet

Code: FR88R

Brand: Fimar

€ 514,80 (IVA excluded)

€ 628,06 (IVA 22% included)