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Neutral furnishing

The neutral furniture in a professional kitchen, with its tables, cupboards, cabinets tables, sinks, is the skeleton on which to build one's professional kitchen. The products offered are made entirely of stainless steel, to ensure the end user robustness and durability.
The use of stainless steel also ensures hygiene in all the parts in contact with the food.

Neutral furnishing

1882 products found

 Double shelf cm 200x35x70

Code: DSRAD20357

Brand: RistoPro

€ 697,85 (IVA excluded)

€ 851,38 (IVA 22% included)

 Double shelf with heating cm 200x35x70

Code: DSRADR20357

Brand: RistoPro

€ 1.182,35 (IVA excluded)

€ 1.442,47 (IVA 22% included)

 Double Shelf  in stainless steel cm 150x40

Code: DSMD154

Brand: RistoPro

€ 364,65 (IVA excluded)

€ 444,87 (IVA 22% included)

 Double Perforated Shelf cm 190×40

Code: DSMFD194

Brand: RistoPro

€ 498,10 (IVA excluded)

€ 607,68 (IVA 22% included)

 Stainless steel chest of drawers 2 drawers cm 50x58x55

Code: DSC2505855

Brand: RistoPro

€ 673,84 (IVA excluded)

€ 822,08 (IVA 22% included)