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General Terms and Conditions

Distance Selling Agreement between:

Savit S.r.l., with registered offices in Rome, Viale Trastevere, 141 owned by the Grandicucineitalia brand, and later named as Savit S.r.l., and the customer:

La Savit S.r.l. does not assume any liability for disavowal due to force majeure such as accidents, explosions, thefts, fire, strikes and / or locks, earthquakes, floods and other similar events that would prevent, in whole or in part, the execution to the sales agreement in the agreed times. La Savit S.r.l. will not be liable to any party for damages, losses and costs incurred as a result of the failure to execute the sales agreement for the aforementioned causes, or for damages, losses and costs incurred as a result of the use or it is impossible to use the products purchased, since the customer is entitled only to the possible refund of the price paid, excluding any shipping charges. Similarly, Savit S.r.l. it is not responsible for the fraudulent and illicit use that can be made by third parties, credit cards, checks and other means of payment when paying the purchased products. Savit S.r.l., in fact, is unable to know the buyer's credit card number at any time during the purchase procedure; at the same time Savit S.r.l. it is not in a position to check the correct and fairness of the credit certificate that is delivered by the customer upon receipt of the goods. Please kindly note that the customer making a request from the site or by fax, makes a purchase order, not a purchase.

After purchasing on line or by fax, the customer undertakes to print and / or preserve the present general conditions, which he will have already viewed and accepted as obligatory passage the purchase, as well as the printing of the specifications of the product that is the subject of the purchase, in order to fully satisfy the condition of Articles 52 and 53 of Legislative Decree 206/05. The purchaser is strictly prohibited from entering false and / or invented and / or fanciful data in the registration process necessary to enable him to execute this sale agreement and related communications; personal data and e-mail must be solely the actual personal data and not of third parties.

In case the Customer chooses to use the payment method by filling in the appropriate fields on our website, authorize the Savit S.r.l. to use your credit card and to charge to your current bank account the total amount shown as the cost of the purchase made in favor of that company. The entire procedure is carried out through a secure connection directly linked to the Banking Institution holder and payment service provider '' on line '', to which Savit S.r.l. can not access.

The obligations assumed by the customer in art. 2 above (Obligations of the buyer) and the guarantee of the good end of the payment that the customer has to make is essential, so that a pact expressing the default of the customer of one of those obligations will result in the termination of contract law under art.1456 CC, without the need for judicial decision, without prejudice to the right of Savit Srl to sue for compensation for further damage.

Any dispute relating to the application, execution, interpretation and violation of the online or online purchase agreement obtained through the website is subject to the Italian jurisdiction; these general conditions are reported, insofar as not expressly provided for in the combined provisions of Legislative Decree 50/92 and Legislative Decree 206/05. Any disputes between the parties to this contract will be exclusively territorial jurisdiction of the Rome Forum.

The products sold are covered by the manufacturer's formal warranty for defects of conformity, pursuant to art. 128 ss. d.lgs. n. 206/2005.
The manufacturer's formal warranty is provided in the manner described by the manufacturer himself.
The products sold are guaranteed for months 12 (twelve) for any defect due to material and / or manufacturing. The warranty is valid from the date of delivery of the machine and involves free replacement or repairs of the defective part, to be carried out at our head office or at the headquarters of the manufacturer.
Replacement or product repair times depend solely on manufacturer's policies.
In cases where the application of the guarantees provides for the return of the product, the goods must be returned by the Customer in the original packaging, complete with all parts (including packaging and any documentation and ancillary equipment: manuals, cables, etc ... ). To do this, the Customer will have to apply to Savit S.r.l. authorization to return the product by filling out a special application form issued by Savit S.r.l. In the case of a return authorization, the shipment of defective goods will be borne by the customer, while the restitution of the goods repaired or replaced will be handled by Savit S.r.l. In case the goods returned as collateral were perfectly working, the Savit S.r.l. it will send the same to the customer. If the repair of the product does not come under warranty, the Savit S.r.l. will inform the customer of the amount of the estimate. In case the customer waives the repair, he will be charged €. 50,00 + i.v.a. required by the Product Control Assistance Center. The warranty does not cover electrical and electronic parts, glass parts, lamps, bodywork; batteries, accumulators; consumables; maintenance and calibration operations mentioned in the user manual supplied with the equipment. The warranty is void if the appliance has been tampered with by unauthorized personnel if faults have been caused by improper or misuse of the buyer, loss, transportation, impact, falls, moisture, leakage of liquid batteries, use of materials consumption that does not meet the specifications of the manufacturer of the appliance or other causes that are not dependent on manufacturing or production defects.
La Savit S.r.l. it will never be burdened with any charges or damages resulting from any interruption in the operation of the equipment subject to the warranty. The repair time of the official service centers of most manufacturers is around 30-60 days. La Savit S.r.l. it will never be burdened with any charges or damages caused by any delay in repairing it due to third parties.

Persons who can not be classified as consumers are excluded from the Legislative Decree, that is to say, those who act for purposes related to the professional activity eventually carried out, ie who makes an order indicating Part I.V.A. for the invoice. The Customer has the right to withdraw, without any penalty and without specifying the reason, no later than 14 days after delivery (the date of delivery on the driver's letter). The right of withdrawal is exercised within the deadline provided by sending a registered letter with return receipt and all goods purchased at the following address: Savit S.r.l., Viale Trastevere, 141 - 00153 Rome. Communication can also be pre-faxed, provided it is confirmed by a registered letter with a return receipt within 48 hours. In the event of the right of withdrawal, the Customer is obliged to return all invoice items as they are received, that is, absolutely new, unused, complete with all their parts and original packaging (envelopes and packages ). Failure to comply with these principles renders the right of withdrawal unenforceable. Within 14 days of the withdrawal, Savit S.r.l. will repay the amount due to the customer

If Savit Srl was unable to complete the ordered order due to the unavailability of the ordered product, it is also entitled to withdraw from the sales agreement within 30 days from the date of the order by providing the customer with a simple reasoned communication, pursuant to art. 54, para 2 D. Lgs. 206/05. In that case, the customer will only be entitled to the refund of the sum already paid.

Your use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the policies herein. La Savit S.r.l. reserves the right to change without notice both the models and their features, equipment and accessories and more.
N.B. This site may contain typographical errors or inaccuracies. The information provided and these terms of use may be changed at any time. La Savit S.r.l. and its suppliers do not make any representations about the accuracy of the information, software, and services contained on this website and will in no way be liable for any damages of any kind connected with its use.

The carrier is liable for the loss and loss of the goods delivered to him by the time he receives them at the time of delivery to the consignee, unless he proves that the loss or damage is caused by a casualty, by nature or by vices of the things themselves or their packaging, either by the sender or the recipient.
The goods travel at the buyer's risk, so in case of unsolicited shipment, no complaints, no threats or negative feedback are accepted.