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Cool Pizza Dough Stretcher - Plate Diameter 50 Cm - Pizza with Low Crust - Manual


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Code: SPZ50

Brand: Sigma

Exceptional Pizza dough stretcher machine, usable by anyone to get a perfect pizza dough. The main feature of this machine is its cool stretching: unlike hot presses, it does not stretch the dough by pressure, instead uses the rotation of rollers underneath the upper dish that can stretch more or less, based on the proximity that the upper and lower dishes are set to reach. The lower dish can be furtherly pressed manually against the upper one, thus defining the height of the pizza border, the classic of the Neapolitan pizza. The machine is semiautomatic and for its preparation for use it is necessary only to rub the rugs with flour, to allow the dough to stretch without difficulty. The main necessity for proper use of the machine is that the dough used is well moisturized, so that it is malleable and that once stretched, keep the shape. The characteristic of poor water doughs is that once they lay, they tend to shrink back to to their original position. This behavior will not allow SPZ to give the best result possible, and however, this dough peculiarity is not recommended for a good quality pizza. This particular model will not allow the creation of a high crust pizza. The result of the SPZ50 will be a stretched pizza with a thin crust, instead. It can stretch without any problems even Gluten Free dough.

Construction details
Cool Dough Spreading Patented Rolling System
Edge Execution Adjustable Thickness
Automatic Start and Stop
Dimensions lxpxh mm 700x820x840 Voltage V/f/Hz 220/1/50
Power W 750 Weight Kg 150