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Mixers with diving arms

The plunging-arms kneaders will offer a considerable help with the dough preparation. They are fit for both hard and soft dough. Every machine is stainless steel built, to guarantee durability and reliability needed for professional equipment. The plunging-arms kneading mechanism will show you how a machine can easily and efficiently work the dough without heating it, not compromizing its Continue reading >>>

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16 products found

 BERTA35 Mixer

Code: BERTA35

Brand: Fimar

€ 1.313,40 (IVA excluded)

€ 1.602,35 (IVA 22% included)

 BERTA25 Mixer - 380V


Brand: Fimar

€ 1.181,40 (IVA excluded)

€ 1.441,31 (IVA 22% included)

 BERTA25 Mixer - 220V


Brand: Fimar

€ 1.240,80 (IVA excluded)

€ 1.513,78 (IVA 22% included)

 BERTA15 Mixer - 380V


Brand: Fimar

€ 1.079,10 (IVA excluded)

€ 1.316,50 (IVA 22% included)

 BERTA15 Mixer - 220V


Brand: Fimar

€ 1.105,50 (IVA excluded)

€ 1.348,71 (IVA 22% included)

 BERTA7 Mixer

Code: BERTA7

Brand: Fimar

€ 897,60 (IVA excluded)

€ 1.095,07 (IVA 22% included)