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Gas FryTop - ribbed plate

€ 845,07
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€ 1.030,99
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Code: FU6060FTRRG

Brand: Modular

Thanks to its compact size, the function 600 series is ideal for bars and restaurants where space is limited.

Gas griddle - ribbed plate.
- The model is available with steel plate with high thermal conductivity for a uniform temperature distribution.
- The model is equipped with two cooking zones indipenenti.
- L 'equipment is provided with groove front drawer to collect fat residues and splash guard on three sides.
- The steel plate ensures a greater ease of cleaning of the cooking surface.
- Steel burner with pilot burner with piezoelectric ignition.
- Gas supply means, valve failure device, in models with chrome steel plate is via thermostatic valve.


Dimensioni (lxpxh) - Dimensions (lxpxh)
Peso - Weight
Potenza gas totale - Total gas power
















 Open Stand Support - Length 60 Cm


Code: FU6060CV

Brand: Modular

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€ 144,85
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 Open Cabinet Support - Length 60 Cm

Open cabinet

Code: FU6060B

Brand: Modular

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€ 215,39
(IVA 22% included)