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Electric FryTop - ribbed plate 40cm

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Marque: Modular

The function 650 series has small dimensions but at the same time the high performances of the bigger series. Reliable, ergonomic and complete are the marking features of a series so rich in details to be appreciated even by the most demanding customers. High efficiency and low power consumption are the hallmarks of this range. The high productivity and practical use make the 650 Series the ideal solution for any need, thanks also to the wide range of products and different possible combinations.
Electric Fry top - ribbed plate
40cm sigle module flat
3 reinforced heating elements 1,8Kw for each cooking zone.
Adjustable thermostat with settings from 50 to 300°C.


Alimentazione - Power Supply V/Hz/f 400/50-60/3
Dimensioni (lxpxh) - Dimensions (lxpxh)
Peso - Weight
Potenza elettrica totale - Total electric power