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How to rapidly offer to customers, ice cream in practical bowls, each one having the same weight? Grandicucineitalia will help you with this too. Extremely useful for ice cream shops, the dosers operate as pressure fillers for cups or bowls. This particular machine is adjustable in filling speed and filling pressure. The dosers can be used even if the Continue reading >>>

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 Filling Hourly production capacity 15 Lt. 300 Lt.

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Filling pneumatic cups and packaging for food and not. In particular, it allows to operate with homemade ice cream containing pieces (max 10 mm) of fruit, nougat, nuts, granules, etc. The capacity of the cylinder is 15 liters of ice cream, the speed and delivery pressure are adjustable according to the type of product. For ease of use, the controls can be manual or foot. For a broad field of use allows to operate with different products of different softness, with indicative por tions 100 to 1000 gr. Cream whipper.


Brand: Telme

€ 11.900,00 (IVA excluded)