Catering equipment

Electric fryer - 1 well, 10 Lt. capacity, supplied with basket - 400V

€ 539,98
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€ 658,78
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Code: FU6030FRE

Brand: Modular

Reliability and reduced dimension the distinctive features of the 600 series designed to meet all the requirements of a modern - fast catering service -Top quality materials guarantee durability over time - All products are CE cerified in complilance with current European legislation

Construction details
Floor and the 18/10 stainless steel tank dash drain tap
curve with graft safely for oil extraction from the horizontal flame steel burners bath pilot burner for piezo ignition
Gas flow by means of thermostatic safety valve thermocouple safety thermostat
1 basket 26x26x11h cm for each tank thermoplastic handle options Basket 1/2 cm 25, 5x11x11h
Model: FU60/30FRE Supply Power V/f/Hz 400/3/50-60
Dimensioni Cm 30x60x28h Dimensioni vasca Cm 25x35x21h
Capacità vasca Lt 10 Total power Kw 7,5
Weight Kg 20
Standard equipment
Basket with thermoplastic handle for each bowl n.1 filter for each bowl


 Open Stand Support - Length 30 Cm


Code: FU6030CV

Brand: Modular

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€ 141,70
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 Open Cabinet Support - Length 30 Cm

Open cabinet

Code: FU6030B

Brand: Modular

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€ 181,38
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