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Vacuum - external aspiration

The vacuum is literally a state of air rarefaction at a lower pressure than the atmospheric one. The consequence of rarefied air, or its replacement with inert gases is the reduction of the presence of oxygen, which, as known, is a vital gas not only for humans but also for microorganisms such as molds and bacteria. The significant oxygen Continue reading >>>

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 Vacuum machines - sealing bar 35cm

Professional vacuum packing machines with digital control panel totally built in stainless steel. This series approaches to supermarkets and large scale retail trade. They can be used to pack the most diversified types of packing, as “PROFESSIONAL SERIES” line offers all the necessary working cycle automatisms for this purpose.


Brand: Lavezzini

€ 418,20 (IVA excluded)

€ 510,20 (IVA 22% included)