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Dual cylinder refiner

How do you refine almonds, nuts, sugar or chocolate? The answer to your professional pastry shop is the two cylinder refiner, a machine that is the best support in refining all kinds of food. The refiner's soul is the two cylinders, made of special cast iron and immersed in oil, can be adjusted depending on the product to be Continue reading >>>

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 Refiner 2-cylinder

Refiner 2 cylinder diameter 150 mm. x 320 mm. complete with scraper blade and drip tray product (on wheels). Ideal machine for your pastry shop. Gears in special cast iron in oil bath, grease nipples and a modern system for fastening the scraping blades make it over that very reliable also very fast and easy to clean.

Code: RF150

Brand: Omab

€ 4.709,25 (IVA excluded)

€ 5.745,29 (IVA 22% included)