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3 Clamps Toaster - 2400W Power

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Code: 35206202SI

Brand: Sirman

With regard to electrical safety, the equipment described in this manual comply with the EEC 2006/95, 2004/108, 2007/19.
The toasters were designed and built with the express purpose of cooking, heating, roasting, grilling food type (fish, meat, vegetables, etc.) And to ensure
- Maximum safe use, cleaning and maintenance;
- Maximum hygiene thanks to a meticulous selection of the materials that come in contact with food;
- Minimum loss of heat produced by the resistances;
- Strength and stability of all components;
- Excellent handling.
The toasters are constructed entirely of stainless steel AISI 430. It ensures contact with food (hygienic) and unassailable by acids, salts and a high corrosion resistance.
- Constructed entirely of stainless steel.
- Grids easily removable for cleaning.
- Removable crumb tray.
- Pliers chrome steel supplied.
- Timer from 1 to 15 minutes.
- Ideal for heating pizzas, sandwiches and ready meals; cook burgers, sausages, toasted sandwiches and wraps.


Item Code
Watt 2400
Power Supply
Toast capacity
nr. 6
Internal dimensions
mm 355x240
mm 475
mm 265
mm 410
mm 240
Shipping dimensions mm. 550x320x300 - Kg. 8,5