Catering equipment

toaster roller Bruschetta 3000W variable speed

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Code: 30145302

Brand: Sirman

The toaster "Roller" was designed and built with the express purpose of ensuring
- Minimum loss of heat produced by the resistances;
- Strength and stability of all its components;
- Excellent handling.
- Maximum hygiene thanks to a meticulous selection of the materials that come in contact with the food to be heated;
The safety against electrical hazards and mechanical comply with standards
EN 60335-1
89/392; 91/368.
The toaster "Roller" is therefore equipped with the security measures for the electrical and mechanical protection both during operation and in the step of cleaning and maintenance.
Easy and convenient to use and suitable for toasting or heating up bread, pizzas, pastries and snacks.
- Made entirely of stainless steel AISI 316 and Carpet for roasting steel AISI 304.
- Cooking chamber with thermal insulation.
- Motor self-ventilated.
- Controls compartment cooling fan for electrical components.
- Quartz tubes can be switched on.
- Variable speed versions "VV"
- Slides loading and unloading the product.
- Crumb easily removable.
- Closing folding rear to allow the rear delivery of the product (Only versions "Long" and "Bruschetta").


Item Code
Max power
Watt 3000
Power supply
Hourly Production
nr. 75÷230
Carpet width
mm 305x2
Carpet lenght
mm 410x2
mm 450
mm 535
mm 1270
mm 560
Shipping dimensions mm. 860x550x500 - Kg. 29