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Meat grinder TC 22 Barcellona Ice - Three Phase REFRIGERATED

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Code: 212237A03F

Brand: Sirman

The meat grinder is in a simple, compact, high efficiency and power - As should be used for chopping food components that may come in contact with the product have been carefully chosen to provide maximum hygiene - Hourly output 300 kg - Thermoelectrics cooling of the mouth and neck of the meat grinder hopper - Cooling system applied on the neck and mouth with thermoelectric module with a power of 70w energy saving without the use of compressor and refrigerant gas, to ensure energy saving and facilitate maintenance

Construction details
The fairing and the hopper is made of stainless steel to ensure maximum hygiene and easy cleaning The tools are made of stainless steel to ensure greater durability and maximum hygiene
Mouths in cast stainless steel with possibility of applying the system UNGER total or partial Possibility of reversing the direction of rotation of the propeller by a selector
Rigid clamping of the mouth to improve the meat cutting and extend the life of plates and knives Engines ventilated to ensure consistency and high performance and durability of the engine, increasing the effective work time due to fewer interruptions and low index of heating to keep the meat fresh and unaltered
Digital Thermometer control Hopper and neck stainless removable for cleaning
Any maintenance does not require refrigeration Neck introduction framework for high productivity in the second pass
Single phase motors with thermal protection Quick Lock mouth patented on 32
Square Feeding Version
Power Supply 400V/3N/50HZ Power 1472W - Hp 2
Dimensions Cm 72x57x77h Output/h. kg/h.300
Weigh 31kg
Standard equipment
Standard Equipmet: Plate mm 4,5