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Slicer gravity Blade 385 Mod. Galileo Automatica Top - CE

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€ 4.004,65
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Code: 15394212S

Brand: Sirman

The slicer is made of an anodized alluminum alloy (Peraluman AlMg5). It guarantees contact with food-stuffs (hygienic) and is resistant to acids and salts apart being highly resistant to oxidation. The blade is in 100 Cr6 rectified, chromium-plated and hardened steel assuring a precise and net cut of the product even after being sharpened. The majority of the other components present are in
- Shockproof plastic (handguard);
- AISI 430 or 304 steel.
Professional CE slicers have been designed and made by our company with the precise purpose of cutting food products (like lunch meat and meats) and they guarantee
- maximum safety in use, cleaning and maintenance;
- maximum hygiene, thanks to a meticulous selection of materials that come in contact with the food products, and with the elimination of the edges in the parts of the slicer that come into contact with the product, in a way that it can be easily and totally cleaned not to mention easily disassembled;
- maximum cutting precision thanks to the cam mechanism;
- all components are robust and stable;
- maximum silence thanks to the belt transmissions;
- very easy to handle.
- Innovative rounded design and no sharp edges or visible screws
- Chrome plated ground and lapped slide rod
- Lapped cast iron slide rod bushing
- Vulcanised rubber stops on carriage
- Removable support cover for thickness gauge plate
- Stainless steel slice deflector with bayonet fitting
- Stainless steel screws and fittings
- Enclosed and sealed belt pulley .
- 70 mm distance between blade and motor
- Bottom cover
- Changeover electronic circuit 110—220V single-phase
- Built-in sharpening tool with bottom protection
- Standard blade removal tool
- For cleaning purposes easy to remove food pusher arm
- Ergonomic controls – pushbuttons with IP67 protection rating
- 3-speed selection
- 3 different adjustments for carriage travel
- Slice counter
- Slice number setting with automatic stop feature
- Enclosed and sealed drive motor
- Positive drive belt
- Blade inclination 38°.
ø Blade
mm 385 - inch. 16
Watt 380+400 - Hp 0,52+0,54
Cut thickness
mm 25
Run of carriage
mm 365
mm 430x320
mm 575
mm 410
mm 760
mm 732
mm 515
mm 816
mm 730
mm 720
mm 285/320
mm 230
mm 305
mm 280
Net weight
kg 62
mm 870x840x750
Gross weight
kg 78