Catering equipment

Double ceramic glass grill - 2 smooth plates

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€ 869,13
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Code: 34C3444002SI

Brand: Sirman

As regards electrical safety, the plates respond to the directives
- 73/23, 89/336, mod. EEC 91/368, 92/31, 93/44, 93/68
- EEC EN 60335-1
- EN 55014.
The ceramic plate is designed and built with the express purpose of cooking, heating, roasting, grilling food type (fish, meat, vegetables, etc.) And to ensure
- Maximum safe use, cleaning and maintenance;
- Maximum hygiene, thanks to the ceramic cooking surface;
- Minimum loss of heat produced by the resistances;
- Strength and stability of all components;
- Excellent handling.
The plate has a stainless steel frame and glass ceramic cooktop that guarantee the hygiene and unassailable by acids and salts as well as an ease of cleaning.
- Stainless steel structure.
- Stove ceramic Ceran®
- Temperature control by thermostat.
- Practical tray for the discharge of liquids and cooking remnants.
- Cooktop connected to the body easy to clean.
- Drawer collect liquids and cooking residues.
- Self-balancing upper plates and adjustable at will of the operator.
- Adjustable feet for a greater adaptation work plan.
- Ideal when putting in temperature from cold becomes a priority.

watt 3200
Power Supply
230V 50/60Hz F+N
Surface dimensions
mm (260x290) x2
mm 645
mm 365
mm 700
mm 490
mm 170
mm 550
kg 22
Shipping Dimensions mm. 760x560x280 - Kg. 33