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Basic Electromechanical Double Chamber Oven - Internal Dimensions 70x70 Cm

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Code: MG270/70

Brand: IGF Fornitalia

Basic all the technical characteristics of the best tradition of professional ovens Fornitalia
Mechanical Double Chamber Oven - Internal Surface Dimensions 70x70 Cm
Control panel with Sky\Stuffs regulation via mechanical thermostat, mechanical pyrometer Jumo, knobs in alluminium realized from the whole

The photo shows an example configuration of a Basic series Oven.

The price quoted refers to the only Mechanical Double Chamber Oven.

All other elements are sold separately.

Its main features are
- Stainless steel front
- Ergonomic handle
- Large glass ( double glass in sizes 105/70 and 105 /105) for internal control and monitoring room cooking
- Gate can be easily removed for thorough cleaning
- Inner chamber made ​​entirely of stainless steel 430
- Worktop in refractory optional all refractory
- Interior lighting with on / off switch
- Adjustable flue via a pull front
- Control panel with adjustable sky / Plate with mechanical thermostat , mechanical pyrometer " Jumo " , made ​​from solid aluminum knobs .
MG2 70/70
Max Temperature
External dimensions
lxpxh cm


 MG 70/70 - Eitire chamber Refractory Kit

Kit for making the internal cooking chamber entirely in refractory material.

Code: KCKMG70/70

Brand: IGF Fornitalia

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€ 360,74
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 MG 70/70 - Stand for oven,  Height Cm 91

MG 70/70 - Stand for oven,  Height Cm 91

Code: KCVPMG70/70

Brand: IGF Fornitalia

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€ 372,91
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 Tray Holder Stand for Basic Ovens

Tray Holder Stand for Basic Ovens


Brand: IGF Fornitalia

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€ 281,64
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 Wheels Kit for Basic Ovens

Wheels Kit for Basic Ovens


Brand: IGF Fornitalia

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€ 121,70
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